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CPS SCA500/630kW

CPS SCA500/630KTL-H grid-tied PV inverter is designed to be used in different types of big commercial rooftop and utility scale PV systems. The DC input voltage range can reach up to 1000V allowing for more flexible the system configuration. Built using low loss magnetic material and advanced control algorithm, the inverter can reach a maximum efficiency of 98.5%, Euro efficiency of 98.3%.

High Efficiency

♦ Max. efficiency of 98.5%, Euro efficiency of 98.3%
♦ ≥99.9% MPPT efficiency
♦ Space vector PWM, decrease the switch loss

High Reliability

Designed for reliability
Advanced thermal design, fan speed control
Embedded ground-fault circuit & Interrupter
5 years standard warranty; optional up to 20 years

Broad Adaptability
BDEW compatible
CGC ZVRT certifiated
Compact size with front-side service access, save installation space
Optional DC input fuses
Multi-language display; RS485 & Ethernet communication interfaces
High altitude application in long-term and reliable operation
Optional heater, minimum operating temperature at -40°C
Active power continuously adjustable
Reactive power adjustable and the power factor range from -0.8 to +0.8

Reactive power compensation at night


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