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1MW/1.26MW PV Power Container

Superior integration and turn-key design
1MW/1.26MW integrated PV turn-key design system with all equipments in one container, including PV inverter, DC Distribution cabinet (option), communication cabinet (option), and auxiliary power supply unit
Professional Integration
Container solution for outdoor use with professional factory integration and differentiated design to meet special customers’ needs
High environmental adaptability and applicability
Standard 20"HQ container design. IP54 protection degree for outdoor use in extreme operational environments. Suitable for locations subject to strong winds, blown sand and/or high altitude
Remote operation through smart monitoring system(option)
Highly automated and remote controlled integrated SCADA monitoring system compatible with smart grids
Simple engineering for fast-track station installation
Only DC, AC and communication connections are required after container allocation; No need to build a dedicated shelter or house
High level safety and reliability
Integrated intelligent access control system and smoke alarm as well as various kinds of protection measures against fire, rain, dust and small animals ensure the safety of system



Thanks to their steel monoblocks structure they can be easily transported by sea or road to any place, guaranteeing the maximum air-tightness and durability
Diverse installation methods, including mounting on steel bracketor concrete slab
The AC output of the power container can match different types ofdual secondary winding transformers with various primary windingmedium voltage rating
Convenient access for repair and maintenance to minimize operational cost


High Reliability

Turn-key solution, Integrated design for ventilation, anticorrosion, anti-low temperature and other application requirement
Smoke detector, intelligent access control system Automatic control of temperature and humidity ventilation system


Utility Interactive
LVRT (Zero-voltage Ride-through)
Active power continuously adjustable
Reactive power control with power factor from 0.8 lagging to 0.8 leading
Give reactive power compensation to the grid at night according to directive
Comprehensive grid management functions including complete dynamic grid support (BDEW compliant)

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