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CPS SCA500/1000KTL-HM􀀆􀀆􀀆􀀇􀀈􀀉􀀊􀀋􀀌 inverter is designed to be used in different types fo big commercial rooftop and utility scale PV systems. This serial uses NPC three level technology so it can reach a maximum efficiency of 99%, Euro efficiency of 98.5%. Intelligent power control function can make higher efficency and better quality at low power condition. It can also increase the life of components. Faulty module can be switched out automatically and the other modules can keep working. This funciton can minimize power loss.

High Efficiency

♦ Max. efficiency of 99%, Euro efficiency of 98.5%
High Power Density

♦ SVPWM Technology

♦ Optimized MPPT Control

♦ Intelligent Power Control

High Reliability

♦ Modular Design
♦ Multiple Protections

♦ Advanced Thermal Control

♦ Insulation Resistance Detection

Broad Adaptability

♦ Integrated DC Breaker

♦ Adapt to high altitude

♦ LVRT, ZVRT certificated

Active power continuously adjustable

♦ Power factor range from -0.8 to +0.8

♦ PID Function, Reactive Power Compensation at Night

♦ Single or Multiple MPPT for Flexible application

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